The Animated Series "The Spectacular Spider-Man" Deserves to Live On

The Animated Series "The Spectacular Spider-Man" Deserves to Live On ...

The Spectacular Spider-Man was unveiled in March 2008 by Sam Raimi. For those who have not heard, the film aimed to bring Stan Lee's famous Spider-Man from the 1960s, with Stan Lee's distinct humanity, Steve Ditko, and John Romita Sr.'s distinctive humanity.

It's one of the few children's programs that doesn't shy away from challenging kids. Much like Avatar: The Last Airbender and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, it did a fantastic job of introducing issues that were both applicable to adults and children, but in a way that was child-appropriate. It's a difficult line to walk to be completely and uncontroversially appropriate for children while still creating stories that anyone of any age will enjoy.

As a kid, this family friendly Spider-Man series dealt with issues such as substance abuse, gambling addiction, financial stress, and more. There were times when I could not anticipate the twist, when I didn't know what was going to happen next in the mystery, and when the revelations were beyond satisfying. It doesnt happen often. Yet, this series managed to keep me on the edge of my seat more than once.

The 20-minute run-time isn't perfect, either. After you account for the intro and outro, the show generally lasts around 17-18 minutes, in which time they'll usually go over the villain's background, continue whatever is happening in Peter Parker's life, and tie up into a neat bow. It's tight. Especially as an adult who's used to 40-minute dramas and feature length films, the ridiculously fast pace can be frustrating at times.

Despite the fact that the program is a bit slow-paced, it still manages to make compelling stories. One thing I loved about the program was the emphasis it placed on the existence of organized crime in New York. It also added an additional fun dimension to the Spider-Man universe, even though the series was rarely explored.

Before we get into the big picture of the incredible cast of characters, Ive hinted at the fact that Peter (played by Josh Keaton) was exceptionally well done, but he's actually the perfect mix between Tobey Maguiresnerdy down-to-earth Spider-Man and Andrew Garfieldscharismatic Spider-Man. We have a fantastic Gwen Stacey (played by Alanna Ubach) in non-comic book Spider-Man media, and the most

Disney acquired Marvel while Sony had the ability to make more Spider-Man movies, but they also resisted acquiring all the rights to continue the story due to the profitability of the program. Either way, it was a dismal series that only seemed to improve with each episode.

#SaveSpectacularSpiderman made it to #9 on Twitter in 2021, indicating that the show still has a loyal fan base. Unfortunately, given all the time that has gone, how complicated Spider-Man rights have become behind the scenes, and the strange position The Spectacular Spider-Man itself has been caught in, either studio will (and doubtfully would) attempt to recreate it, leaving Greg Weismans(the mastermind behind the show) Peter Parker will always be the Spider-Man who