Season 1 of 'Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin': The Scarlet Letter Recap

Season 1 of 'Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin': The Scarlet Letter Recap ...

Following the first chapters of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, we've become familiar with the mother-and-daughter bond with "A" and understand a few of the lies the liars are concealing.

Imogen (Bailee Madison), Tabby (Chandler Kinney), Noa (Maia Reficco), and Mouse (Malia Pyles) are leaving the school grounds and deciding whether or not to reveal the text message from "A" to the authorities. As all of the mothers learn about Angela's death, they reminisce about her (Gabriella Pizzolo) actions that she contemplated before killing herself.

Imogen and Tabby discuss the connection between her mother's death and Karen's. She remembers the night of her mother's death when she saw a letter "A" written on the bathroom wall. The similarities make them suspicious that the same person who is texting them is the perpetrator of both murders. The next day, all the liars are summoned to the principal's office. There they are confronted by Karen's father, Sheriff Beasley (Eric Johnson), saying that

All of the liars reveal the video to their mothers, although the mothers are furious that their daughters did something so terrible. Imogen goes to the library the following day and discovers that a girl died in the same place as her mother's was a Y2K Survivor's Club. She finds a copy of the book The Scarlet Letter, which supports her notion that Karen and Davie's killer was someone who knew about Angela's death.

Tabby (Carson Rowland) tries to retrieve the flash drive from Imogen's video. She finds it in the control room, but Chip's manager at the movie theater did. Wes (Derek Klena) invites Tabby to his place for dinner, and in return, promises to give it back to her.

Imogen goes to work with Tabby, and they are surprised to see Sydney pay her respects to Angela. She lies about Imogen's mother being a nice person to Angela and says the poster was everywhere at the time of the party, so it might be something minor.

In Episode 3, Noa discusses the actual reason she went to juvie and confesses to him. Kelly is remorseful for failing to disclose the real reason Karen was on the balcony prior to her death. Imogen and the other girls are also relieved of the consequences if they don't admit to them.

Episode 3 was a crucial chapter to realize that the 1999 death of Rodney Wilson is a lot like the prom. In the same way, the mothers have much to hide about their turbulent past. Both friend groups have dark secrets, indicating that things will only grow more spooky as more of them appear on Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin.