Fishy Ideas for Remaking 'The Incredible Mr. Limpet', which have been abandoned,

Fishy Ideas for Remaking 'The Incredible Mr. Limpet', which have been abandoned, ...

The Incredible Mr. Limpet was a comedy film directed by Arthur Lubin that was released in 1964. He soon becomes an essential tool for the US Navy in hunting down and dismantling Nazi U-boats.

Warner Bros., the company that first released Mr. Limpet, has tried many unsuccessful attempts at reimagining this classic film. None of them have succeeded, despite acquiring some top-notch talent both in front and behind the camera.

Jim Carrey was chosen by Warner Bros. for a role as Mr. Limpet in a new story early on in the story. However, by 1997, Carrey was on the leading edge of the world as a well-known comedic actor.

While the filmmaker was working at Warner Bros., he recounted how Ratatouille director Brad Bird was enticed to direct this Mr. Limpet remake. This was a huge disappointment to him on a design level.

All of the fuss over Carreys Mr. Limpet's appearance would be futile once he left the film in the summer of 1999. This comes on the heels of Variety's suggestion that Warner Bros. should name a prominent director rather than a well-known comedian.

Mike Judge was in discussions to direct and direct the Mr. Limpet remake less than a year after Carrey's departure. Judge was an out-demand talent that, on paper, might have given Mr. Limpet some legitimacy.

The Incredible Mr. Limpet's original film was originally scheduled to be completed as early as 2001, but there was no further development once it was released. In June 2009, Kevin Lima, who is well-known for the 2007 film Enchanted, was set to direct. The following year, Zach Galifianakis seemed to fit the bill as a well-known comedic character for Mr. Limpet.

In 2011, another director joined the cast of this wacky family comedy, although this was the most well-known filmmaker yet to be attached to the project. Richard Linklater, well-known for his naturalistic quiet dramas like the Before trilogy, has since directed several major studio films such as The Bad News Bears and The Scanner Darkly.

The Wrap reported in July 2014 that Linklater's Mr. Limpet remake was gaining momentum by securing an all-star supporting cast. These included actors such as Jon Hamm, Kevin Hart, and Danny McBride, all of whom were in discussions to direct a variety of live-action and animated roles. At the time, Keegan Michael-Key disclosed that he and Jordan Peele would direct the feature that would begin filming in Fall 2014.

The Mr. Limpet remake was never intended to go out on the water, according to sources. A month after the casting update, Linklater resigned from the project so that he could concentrate on Making Everybody Wants Some!!!! rather than Mr. Limpet.

Even if Mr. Limpet was never shown on The Wrap in 2022, Animator Tommy Pallotta said that, a decade earlier, he and other artists that Linklater had worked with on Scanner Darkly had been assigned with the 3D animation of him.

The Incredible Mr. Limpet remake has taken on various forms over the years. For one, it allows you to appreciate the different comedic actors who dominated the box office of different modern times. For another, it demonstrates how determined Hollywood studios can be in slapping that iconic moniker on a new film. Although no moviegoer will ever see a Mr. Limpet remake anytime soon.