Zoey Deutch wants to reprise her role as Madison in the 'Zombieland' franchise

Zoey Deutch wants to reprise her role as Madison in the 'Zombieland' franchise ...

If you are a Zombieland fan and wish to see more of Madison's acrobatics, it may just come true! Zoey Deutch expressed her desire to work with director Ruben Fleischer again and that she wanted to play Madison again.

Deutchs Madison was introduced to the Zombieland: Double Tap sequel after 5 years of the original zombie outbreak. She now has a new perspective to the franchise that already has its basic survival rules.

It was a great learning experience, and I have been begging Ruben [Fleischer] to keep me in his next film. But, I'd like to play Madison again. She's such a character.

The Fleishers Zombieland franchise is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a strain of mad cow disease has evolved into a mad zombie epidemic. On the way, the couple meets Wichita (Emma Stone) and her younger sister Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) who are on their way to Pacific Playland, an amusement park that is claimed to be free of zombies.

Madison (Deutch) joins the group of misfits who are going to save Little Rock, who has been recruited by Berkeley (Avan Jogia) in a bid to find more people of her age. By the conclusion of the film, Madison and Berkeley are connected.

In 2019, the filmmaker discussed a Madison spin-off, telling THR, but I'd rather do a Madison stand-alone film. That's how I'd like to find out. That's a great post-credit scene, where those two [Madison and Berkeley] are just being pretty dumb together.

The possibility for a Madison spin-off has not evolved past wishful discussions, but it is still enjoyable to imagine where the story might take.

Not Okay, the film that premieres on July 29, will feature Deutch. See the teaser below: