9 Horror Films Full of Screams by the Sea From 'Jaws' to 'The Beach House'

9 Horror Films Full of Screams by the Sea From 'Jaws' to 'The Beach House' ...

Jennifer Love Hewitt tries to escape the past that has remained haunting her, fit with a hook. Samuel L. Jacksons time with snakes is comparable to dealing with super intelligent sharks. All they want is to build a body count.

As a pair of wickies push one another into insanity, the lighthouse has a tendency to smell the ocean spray. In Triangle, finding refuge on an abandoned ship leads to something worse than death.

Dagon (2001)

The cult of Imboca off the coast of Spain is stranded when he swims over to Imboca, the only shelter. They all look unclean, with fish-like mutations. The old god they worship is capable of achieving immortality, but the story never fails to sell.

Jaws (1975)

Amity Island is a great summer blockbuster, because it's home to a marine predator that has no boundaries. Even going into a pool can be terrifying, thanks to John Williams' score.

The Beach House (2019)

Emily (Liana Liberato) and Randall (Noah Le Gros) are young couple who prepare to face everyday challenges only to find themselves in an awkward situation. At a familys getaway spot, they discover an older couple already staying there. Everyone decides to make the most of it and generational age-gaps are wiped away as they settle in for the night. An unexpected company emerges without any mercy.

This is a slow burn with a particularly nasty end game, as in Cabin Fever (2002), The Beach House is by the ocean. Instead of a flesh-eating virus, its something older and transformative. Death isnt necessarily the most horrible thing to happen, as a character, Emily shows herself to be intelligent and resourceful, cleaning up a wound on herself that many would never be able to comprehend.

Old (2021)

In M. Night Shyamalans most recent film, a family vacation goes quite wrong. However, if a camera captured images here, it would appear to be decades later. Its also a private beach, which is restricted to certain individuals. It's a hidden gem where Guy, Prisca, and everyone else are stuck. Throughout the chaos, there's a surprising depth of truth.

The Fog (1980)

The Fog is a shot of a masked killer set in the coastal town of Antonio Bay, which is set to commemorate its centennial anniversary. Inside, is a ship of the undead, who is out for revenge. Adrienne Barbeau's hypnotic voice speaks over the sound waves of a radio station, a real location with a vertigo-inducing entrance.

The Lighthouse (2019)

Boredom transforms men into villains in a storm out in the middle of nowhere. Theyre enigmas to one another, causing their encounters to be slick with mythological imagery. Dafoes older Thomas leers down from it, staring at the younger Thomas (Robert Pattinson). For a film centered on only two characters, it packs a punch of intensity.

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998)

Julie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) survives her encounter with the Fisherman in I Know What You Did Last Summer, but it leaves her with unhealed agony. Nightmares haunt her. Perhaps it's because of hurricanes, or as one grouchy manager states, their version of winter. This is the type of movie where the slasher takes the time to recite the songs.

Triangle (2009)

Jess (Melissa George) and her friends go boating. They believe theyre in luck when an ocean liner approaches. Its a ghost ship, but there are strange signs that it was just recently that something happened. Its a story about a single mother, part psychological thriller, and part sci-fi terror. In Dagon, and now Triangle, boat trips are not all fun and games.

Deep Blue Sea (1999)

Sheriff Brody is fortunate he did not have to deal with these genetically modified mako sharks. They are being used by Dr. Susan McCallister (Saffron Burrows) to investigate a cure for Alzheimer's Disease. Yet, there's always a "but." The sharks' larger brains end up making them smarter predators.

Because sometimes, stupid decisions are made. Scientists stand around, in an underwater facility, watching cracks grow across a massive glass window. It isnt until the last moment before it shatters, they all bolt. This space is going to be filled with water. The whole ocean is going to fill it up. CGI could be better, but when the animatronics are used, they look awesome and terrifying.