The 8 Best Political TV Series to Escape Reality (& Where to Stream Them)

The 8 Best Political TV Series to Escape Reality (& Where to Stream Them) ...

It has become increasingly difficult to keep an eye on the news over the past few years. Political ads attacking one another, laws prohibiting the access to basic human needs, and foreign relations concerns combined with increasing domestic issues at home make reality a bit difficult to live at times. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to jump in and immerse yourself in another.

Political TV series have become popular among viewers and critics, and anyone looking for another (fictional) country's politics might find some of these listed to be of some interest.

'Veep' (HBOMax)

Veep is the cream of the crop of political satire television. The program is well-known for its one-liner insults against her counterparts on Capitol Hill.

The Meyers team, which is made up of kooky and sarcastic Washington, D.C. stereotypes, is scrambling to make a difference in the country and leave a legacy. However, they tend to avoid engaging in regular political games instead. Veep is now available on HBOMax.

'The West Wing' (HBOMax)

The West Wing is a classic political drama television program about the White House's West Wing staffers. The Presidential Advisers end up getting too caught up in their personal lives while working on the United States of America's role as a nation.

The program, despite being classified as a Drama, has a very nostalgic and somewhat calming feel to it, most likely because the program was initially developed over 20 years ago. This program includes some fantastic dialogue and writing examples, and is a great and even exciting viewing experience. Available on HBOMax.

'Mr. Mayor' (Peacock)

Mr. Mayor, starring Ted Danson, follows a retired Los Angeles businessman as he wins the mayor's seat, and enthusiastically sets out to help the city and the surrounding community. However, once he enters City Hall, he quickly realizes that the world of local politics is not exactly what he was used to.

He is able to shoot for the stars and stay on track thanks to his offbeat staff, deputy Arpi, and teenage daughter. Peacock is a streaming artist from the United Kingdom.

'Parks and Recreation' (Peacock)

Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) is a member of the Indiana Parks and Recreation Department who is on a quest to beautify her town.

The charming and charming Leslie Knope, who played the town and local office, will make viewers fall in love with the varied cast of kooky characters. The program ran for seven seasons in total. Peacock is available for streaming.

'The Newsroom' (HBOMax)

The Newsroom is a political drama television series starring Jeff Daniels. Daniels is the anchor and has a large ensemble cast. What is unique about the program is that while the network is fictional, episodes are written about recent events.

The network's employees as they navigate the political world, including corporate and commercial disputes, and personal conflicts, are at the core of the drama. The Newsroom is available on HBOMax.

'The Good Wife' (Paramount+)

The Good Wife is a legal/political drama series about a defense attorney named Alicia Florrick (Julianna Marguiles), who has just had a very politically-corrupt and salacious sex scandal that resulted in his being imprisoned.

Alicia has to continue her career and role in her family while growing away from her identity as the wife of a corrupt politician. As the program continues, Peter is released from prison and reintroduced to the government, and the drama only grows. The Good Wife is now available on Paramount+.

'Madam Secretary' (Netflix)

After the mystifying death of her predecessor, Madam Secretary follows Elizabeth McCord (Tea Leoni), a previous CIA analyst and recently-appointed Secretary of State. She is a leading figure in international diplomacy, plays political games, and weaves her way into national and international affairs.

Madam Secretary is available to stream on Netflix.

'Designated Survivor' (Netflix)

Designated Survivor is a highly anticipated thriller series about Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland) who is ushered into the Oval Office as President following an attack on the night of the State of the Union address that resulted in the deaths of the President and most of the Cabinet.

Kirkman must keep his calm and be the leader of the free world as he struggles in this new and unwelcome position. Designated Survivor is now available on Netflix.