Leticia Cline: 10 Things You Don't Know

Leticia Cline: 10 Things You Don't Know ...

The world was surprised when Mike Wolfe of American Pickers announced that he and his wife of many years would be separated. However, even reality stars have their secrets from the rest of the world. As it turns out, his new lady love is Leticia Cline. Fans want to know every single detail.

1.She is Older Than You Think

Cline is 43. Although she is certainly not old, she is taking great care of herself. As a model, of course, her appearance is essential for her to take care of her outward appearance.

2.Shes Been Modeling Most of Her Life

The lovely blonde has been modeling since she was just a teenager. Her first modeling gig was at the age of 14, and she has only just begun to blossom.

3.Where Did She Go to College

She went to the University of Kentucky, a well-known SEC college for outstanding athletics. She holds two degrees from the impressive university. She will begin with a degree in finance. She also holds a degree in psychology.

4.Shes a Divorced Woman

She is a divorced woman, much like her new love interest. We know little about her previous marriage, however. All we know is that she was married, is divorced, and has a son with her ex-husband. Their marriage did not work out, but other areas of their lives appeared to work out.

5.She is a Business Owner

Cline is not just a pretty face; she has a business of her own. Its founded and based in Orlando, Florida, and her company is Standard Motorcycle Co. Back in 2014, she co-founded the business with a friend, and it seems to be operating smoothly as of 2022.

6.She is an Actress

Devon Sawa was a total heartthrob. If young Cline is anything like the rest of us as teens, she likely had her Teen Beat pictures of the young actor on her bedroom walls. She probably dreamed of meeting him, but she never imagined staring in a film with him. In 2019, they film Disturbing the Peace.

7.She Posed for Playboy

There are two kinds of people in the world: some believe that being able to pose for a respected publication like Playboy is how you know you did it. Others are unsure of it. She was a member of the former. She shot for a famous publication in 2008, and it's gratifying for her to say that she did it in her life.

8.She Owns a Bar

The Dive Bar is located in Cave City, Kentucky, where the model was born and raised. She spends a lot of time with her family. Her mother and sister started a bar together in 2018.

9.Shes Loved Motorcycles Her Entire Life

She loves motorcycles, and it is all thanks to her father. He spent a great deal of time working on motorcycles, constructing them, and teaching his daughter everything he knew. Some of her greatest and earliest memories include spending time with her dad and bikes.

10.Riding is a Language for Cline

She loves motorcycles more than just because she likes them. It's her way of being close to her father. She knows how to converse with him when she's riding, and it's her way of being open to him. She loves motorcycles as a means of finding freedom. She's always admired them.