Has the Resident Evil franchise been overdone?

Has the Resident Evil franchise been overdone? ...

Resident Evil has long been a fan favorite horror and zombie franchise, most likely due to its broad science themes that explore the creatures of the apocalypse, unlike many and most popular zombie franchises. This month, Netflix released a show called Resident Evil that was totally unrelated to anything previously released, as well as investigating whether the Resident Evil franchise has been overdone.

Resident Evil Video Games

Resident Evil, the original video game series that spawned the franchise, was first released in 1996 for PlayStation with Resident Evil. Resident Evil is a household name, and there have been several sequels since, mostly revamping them, from story to gameplay.

Resident Evil Original Movies

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, the sequel to the original film from 2002 2016, was released to some annoyance. Although the Resident Evil franchise remained strong until the next season, Netflix has released another remake of the game in 2022, which is likely to help the franchise keep going and attract viewers.

Netflix Original Resident Evil Series

The most recent Resident Evil episode on Netflix explored old and new characters, including many dark twists that the series has long been known for. Suppose either the Welcome to Raccoon City or the Resident Evil series must be chosen as the new main series and become the next main series at the same time, while continuations of the series and two possible concurrent live-action series are difficult to compare. However, as Welcome to Raccoon City included more well-known Resident Evil characters from the first two video games, Resident Evil did