Should Ms. Marvel and Wolverine collaborate on the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Should Ms. Marvel and Wolverine collaborate on the Marvel Cinematic Universe? ...

The fact that Ms. Marvel wants to join the most popular mutant in the Marvel Universe at some point in the MCU is a mystery that must be analyzed before anything happens. Theyre going to be the new kids on the block, so to speak, and it's funny to watch a child explain what it's supposed to be like to create a new world.

Should a hero like Ms. Marvel be paired with fan favorites that have been around for years?

Kamala will be interacting with Carol Danvers at one point, especially if the first season of Ms. Marvel is any indication. But pairing her with another person people would like to see her with, meaning Wolverine, feels like it could teeter on the edge of those in charge who didnt take great care in handling such a meeting.

One big problem is determining which X-Men will be included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

If all people were wise, the Marvel Universe would accommodate as many characters as possible. Some might even claim that their selections have been somewhat suspect since the end of Phase One since a lot of the characters that have been brought in have been wonderful, but some have made a lot of people think wtf in a big way.

Kamala and Wolverine would be an odd pairing.

In the movies and on television, though, it does feel like this would be an awkward pairing since Kamala is so young and Wolverine is a veteran who has been around the bend a few times. In other words, the Canadian mutant would be able to calm down long enough to discover that she is not a villain and not a nuisance. Someone he could trust.

Is it ever going to happen?

It's tough to say since, to be fair, a lot is happening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially with regard to the newer heroes that have been introduced. The X-Men haven't received the same attention as many fans would like, but we can't wait for such a moment to happen.