The Trailer for the House of the Dragon Is Now Available

The Trailer for the House of the Dragon Is Now Available ...

What else can be said about the fact that war will be coming? As many people have wanted to see more of George R.R. Martins' world since the still debacle known as season 8, it feels right to say that a lot of moments felt forced and that the whole season was rushed in a manner that didnt allow it to flow naturally. One big hope for this show is that such a thing would never happen with a prequel.

Anyone who dwells in a house with dragons will face a significant obstacle.

Despite the fact that Daenerys was among the last, or at least the last known, of the Targaryen bloodline, the attempts to end her existence began to flow fairly heavily. Imagine if the Starks, the Baratheons, the Lannisters, and everyone else had to deal with the Targaryens in greater numbers. Despite the fact that many members of this house had dragons, the approach might have been quite different.

A house at conflict with itself will make for an exciting show.

Imagine that anyone has seen the trailer for this prequel, which implies that the Targaryens arent a unified house and that they arent likely to get along that well because the desire for power sometimes overrules better sense. When in-fighting starts, the whole thing starts to fall apart, and the entire power base begins to sag.

The outcry over the fight seems to be a large part of the show.

Many superfans have done this for the rest of us by demonstrating the Easter eggs and the pivotal moments in the story that they believe would be the most popular on GoT. At this point, many fans are still waiting for the other shoe to drop and will surely be observing when the show finally arrives.

The trailer has set the bar high.

People almost always want the best from their favorite shows and stories, and sometimes they get rewarded. However, when looking back, its easy to spot the high points and overlook some of the less valuable moments. When it comes to House of the Dragon, there will likely be similar moments, but as of now, it appears to be something that will bring the franchise some new air.