Aura-Recap of American Horror Stories

Aura-Recap of American Horror Stories ...

Aura is the type of episode that starts off with a premise that isn't difficult to believe in, but which is still kind of slow for AHS, considering everything that has come to light till now, even if it's because going too fast might result in a flow that might come to an end soon. But it's not the sort of episode that brings out a new person who is just scared of being crushed to pieces, and thus one would expect it to be successful.

Like its parent series, American Horror Stories at least tries to lull fans into believing everything is fine.

Even if the setting is bleak and dreary, the feeling that everything is okay is a false sense of security that a lot of people dislike because the name of the game in these stories is that something terrible, creepy, or both is about to happen at any given moment. Aura is no different because it almost immediately plays on people's fears about home invasions and relies heavily on technology to get things done.

Aura begins off innocently, but it doesn't get going until later in the episode.

Aura initially pokes fun at many peoples fears when Jaslyn takes the new home security device home, which is discovered by her husband, Bryce, and she grows suspicious when she sees an older guy with long, stringy hair that demands she allow him to enter. His melancholy, forceful urge to intrigue, makes it difficult to believe that he is there for anything good.

Thoughts may come to mind in this AHS tale, and this one is interesting.

If you like ghost stories, there aren't many surprises at this point. Jaslyn's ghost was a former janitor at her school who accepted her kindness as much as she did and started sending her notes and candies that worried her out. She invites the ghost into her house where he apologizes for frightening her when she was younger.

If only that were it, right?

AHS would not be affected if that were all that happened. Not long after her ghost is dealt with, Jaslyn discovers another spirit on her front door, which only makes sense. The woman is Bryces previous partner, and worse, she was pregnant. However, Jaslyn does have her Aura installed as part of the building policy. And who should call soon after? Bryce, of course.