The Death of Chewbaccas Legends was Epic: No Matter What Fans Think

The Death of Chewbaccas Legends was Epic: No Matter What Fans Think ...

There are times in fiction when people's jaws drop when they read or see something they didnt anticipate. The reason for this has primarily been due to the fact that the Star Wars franchise is being managed by people who do not understand it or what they should do with it.

Whether or not people want to know, Chewbacca has died in Star Wars literature.

He's been well-known since his inclusion in the Legends franchise in 1977, and he is one of many individuals who could see themselves being removed from the roster at any time, no matter what might happen. But for some reason, many people prefer to pretend that this never happened, which isn't to mention a bit insulting, considering how Chewbacca was taken out.

The Yuuzhan Vong war is a good reason to add to the franchise for many reasons, including for personal reasons.

Many Star Wars fans agree that the Legends canon would be useless and that it is cluttered with deficiencies, making it difficult to imagine that the Vong would be included in the Star Wars universe. In fact, it is more convenient than anything that the Mouse House may be considering at this point.

The killing of Chewbaccas came with a purpose, at the very least.

When Hans' youngest son, Anakin, is knocked cold, and Chewie must try and save him, the Vong roars fiercely at the incoming moon, much as anyone would have expected from the fierce and unbroken warrior.

The current canon is unlikely to include this functionality.

If Chewie were to die, it would likely be in a totally different manner. It's unlikely that Disney will drop a moon on him because it's too much for Disney. However, Chewbacca has died in the past, and he went out in a blaze of glory that was nothing short of incredible.