Logan Paul's SummerSlam Frog Splash Is Maybe Even Wilder

Logan Paul's SummerSlam Frog Splash Is Maybe Even Wilder ...

Logan Paul won his second real WWE match last night at SummerSlam, and in part due to a ridiculous frog throw from the top rope to the announcers' table. Footage of the spectacular maneuver began to circulate on social media, including an entirely different angle that was not shown on the broadcast.

Logan Paul stands on a turnbuckle and flies towards the camera to land perfectly on The Miz, in a wild alternate angle that's perhaps even more spectacular than what was shown live. The video has already been viewed more than a million times on Twitter, and the author posted it on Instagram with the caption I love this shit.

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Logan Paul's tenure at WWE has been remarkable. Fans were initially hesitant to support the wrestler during the World of WWE, but he excelled in terms of technique and skill. He also shunned a few deep cut wrestling moves suitable for the moment (hello Three Amigos) and worked the hard cam like a twenty-year veteran. He became a heel, which is a character fans are meant to support.

The reaction from hardcore wrestling fans, myself included, was once again sceptical. I wrote an entire article on how he makes a lot more sense as a heel. Last night, I could feel that skepticism when he walked into the Nashville arena and got a very cold reception from the crowd. With every minute, you could feel more and more people embracing it as he finished his epic tale with The Miz.

Logan Paul is certainly deserved by fans, but a big shoutout must go to The Miz. The longtime WWE veteran has become the go-to guy when it comes to sports entertainment. He always makes everyone look like a million bucks.

Logan Paul is a legend in WWE premium live events for years to come. Im still not entirely sure if he should be a face, but at this point, im done loudly doubting him. He has a lot of charisma. He knows how to milk a moment, which is so crucial in wrestling, and his athleticism is off the charts.