Jax Taylor Teases Baby No. 2 with Brittany Cartwright

Jax Taylor Teases Baby No. 2 with Brittany Cartwright ...

Jax Taylor says he was born to be a father. The former Vanderpump Rules star and his wife, Brittany Cartwright, welcomed their son in April 2021, and they went into parenthood headfirst.

Taylor told E! News that he thought he knew what fatherhood would be like in 2021, but that it has been millennias superior to what he ever imagined.

Taylor said shortly after his son's birth that his dad instincts kicked in and everything else in life seemed to be minor. I can honestly say that I have never been as content as I am right now.

Taylor opened up to supporters about the coming weeks for another Cauchi baby, and it sounds like it might happen soon.

Jax Taylor said he wants his kids to be at least two years apart in age.

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Taylor replied to followers who asked whether or not he wants to have more children with Cartwright in an Instagram Live video on July 26, 2022. The former Bravo star said another baby is in the works.

Taylor stated that yes, we will have another child. When will we have another child? I dont know.

Cruz said they are just trying to get out of certain stages right now. Hopefully we can get back on track again once we've exhausted that phase. I don't want them to be too far apart. My sister and I are four years apart, which I think is a good position.

Cartwright made a similar statement about the couple's baby plans in June 2022. During a live interview on the Betches Moms podcast, the Kentucky native admitted that she already missed being pregnant and was ready for another baby.

Im sure she's up for another one very soon. I want my kids to be old enough to go to school together and be friends together so they don't despise each other too much.

Jax Taylor Said He Wants to Be a Hands-On Dad

Jax (@mrjaxtaylor) has shared a post.

The Vanderpump Rules actors have discussed having at least two children, and perhaps more.

Cartwright once told E! News, adding, "But as soon as we had Cruz, he said we could have as many as I want." So we will probably end up with three!"

Taylor has pledged to be the best dad he can be no matter how many children they have.

Im so determined to be the best father I can possibly be because I want to be at every PTA meeting, every soccer practice, and every ballerina class. My dad was there in 2018. I have done everything I have ever wanted to do, partied my muscles out, traveled the world. It's time to embark on the next stage in my life.

Taylor previously told People that he wanted fatherhood to be his primary focus and that he is putting his whole life to the test for his family's future.

Taylor said of his kids' future sports teams, I want to be in the PTA. I want to be a soccer dad, a gymnastics dad, whatever it is. I just want to be a part of it all.