Emma Slater slapped him during dance rehearsal, according to Sasha Farber

Emma Slater slapped him during dance rehearsal, according to Sasha Farber ...

Sasha Farber and Emma Slater starred in an episode of So You Think You Can Dance.

On the July 21, 2022 episode, Dancing With the Stars pros choreographed a Jive for Keaton Kermode and Ezra Sosa. According to Inside Dance, this was the first same-sex Latin ballroom number performed in the series' history.

Farber and Slater were both eager to work with Kermode and were delighted to see Sosa, a DWTS newcomer, enter the ballroom for rehearsals. He was a fantastic partner to Keaton, and he was an invaluable partner to Slater, who said the Jive was a success.

Farber and Slater promoted the episode on social media ahead of the show. It was well worth it, after all. Remember that day @mihrankstudios, on July 21, 2022.

Here's all you need to know about it:

Farber & Slater Were Extremely Proud of Their Performance

So You Think You Can Dance (@danceonfox) has shared a post.

Farber posted a response on his Instagram Stories after Kermode and Sosa completed the Jive on the program.

He wrote that you guys did a fantastic job of choreographing along with @theemmaslater. Here is a video from the dance.

We had the best time doing this, according to him in a caption on his Instagram Stories.

These boys are so gratified that they surpassed our expectations, joking their hearts out, and wrote another caption.

In the comments section, Slater showed her approval of the official Dance With Fox Instagram account.

She wrote, "You guys CRUSHED IT!"

She is so proud of these two ladies.

Farber said Slater practiced the choreographed slap on him during rehearsals.

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Although there are numerous internet gossips about Farber and Slaters, the two appear to cohabit very well and have a great professional relationship. It's clear that both had a lot of fun working together on So You Think You Can Dance, and their collective talents paid off.

Farber admits that his wife took things to the next level during rehearsals. She had to ensure that the choreography was flawless, so she practiced every single move, even the slap.

When @theemmaslater presided over this piece, Farber captioned a post on his Instagram Stories, adding three crying emojis.

It all paid out because people seemed to absolutely love the routine.

Keaton!!! And I love that my football player wants to take lessons so he can dance like Keaton!!! One comment on the official SYTYCD Instagram page reads.

Yasss! It's time for a SAME SEX ballroom number! IT WAS. AMAZEBALLS, someone else was added.

Emma and Sasha do it again, according to a third person.

Another fan chimed in to praise you both for the best dance!!!

This routine was stunning @sashafarber1 @theemmaslater, and Keaton and Ezra just ruined it, according to a fifth Instagram user.