Scheana Shay Retaliates for Saying She Has Never Loved Summer

Scheana Shay Retaliates for Saying She Has Never Loved Summer ...

Scheana Shay was caught on the defensive when someone emailed her a sexist tweet on Instagram.

Shay has learned that people will always criticize her when it comes to people talking about how she raises her daughter.

When someone accused Shay of neglecting her daughter, she shared the truth and offered a response.

Here's all you need to know about it:

Shay stated that she is with her daughter every strange day.

Scheana (@scheana) has shared a post on her blog.

Shay is very active on social media, posting pictures and videos of her little one. Over the weekend, Shay put up a question box asking fans for advice, and someone decided to use it to send a message.

Never with your kid, like never, you act like you are, but nope poor summer good thing gma is close, the message reads.

Shay's 1-year-old daughter has been on VPR but does not always film with her parents. During these times, Shay arranges for care usually her mother watched the baby.

On July 23, 2022, Shay shared the reply and posted a response on her Instagram Stories.

Never LOL. Ok. I have to work as well! Im with my daughter every freaking day!

Today I had to take her to her Nonas because I worked ALL DAY!!! I'll be there first thing in the morning and then HAVE to work AGAIN ALL afternoon and night, she continued, adding a facepalming emoji. It's youre ***, she threw in at the end.

Shay was previously criticized for her daughters Tan.

Scheana (@scheana) has shared a post.

Shay appears to be having a rough month when it comes to people sharing their opinions and random criticisms with her. Earlier in July 2022, Shay responded after people accused her of neglecting to apply sunscreen to her daughter. Shay decided to publish a post to her Instagram Stories to clear up any and all confusion.

YES I do! My baby is Mexican/Polynesian and has a lovely olive complexion, according to Shay. She is also a tan.

Several individuals took to a Reddit thread to defend Shay and to point out that sunscreen does not prevent people from getting tan.

What does sunscreen have to do with one's ability to tan? I wear it and I tan easily, according to one person on the thread.

Despite me smothering them in sunscreen, my babies are a quarter Maltese, and they look stunning in the summer. It's horrifying that someone else is disputing this fact.