Netflix's Day Shift 2022 Release Date and Every Other Update are Here

Netflix's Day Shift 2022 Release Date and Every Other Update are Here ...

Day Shift 2022 Update: Action, Comedy, and Fantasy What if you combine all of these genres in one film??? Thats what is going to be achieved in the Netflix film called Day Shift 2022.

Dad is that one individual who is often forgotten when compared to their mother. In this film, the role and dedication of A DAD will be appreciated and seen from a different perspective.

There is a twist that Dad is a Vampire Hunter at night to fulfill the role of a father.

The Day Shift will be released on Netflix on 12 August 2022. That's a great Friday night movie. The anticipation to see a dual personality of a father will come to an end soon!!!

The following actors will play in the film:

Bud Jablonski will be played by Jamie Foxx on January 1.

2. The daughter of the protagonist will be played by Zion Broadnax.

Seth will be played by Dave Franco.

Big John Elliott will be played by Snoop Dogg.

Audrey San will be played by Karla Souza in 5.

Joycelyn will be portarying Meagan Good.

Heather will be played by Natasha Liu.

The list will soon include many more actors.

The tale revolves around a hardworking and loving father who loves his family very much. He wanted to always see his daughter happy and seek to fulfill her every wish in whatever manner.

He is working on a pool cleaning job that is considered by the masses to be a low-category occupation, but he is willing to take the opportunity to brighten his daughters' future.

The Protagonist is also doing the job of a Vampire hunter and killer at the night. That means he does a pool cleaning job in the morning and a Vampire Killer job at night!!! He is a multitasker!!

A wide range of comic and fun scenes will be included in the film to enliven the audience. Most of the fun scenes will be depicted on the protagonist.

  • Netflix released the full trailer of the movie on 11 July 2022 on YouTube to create the buzz among the audience.
  • In the trailer, we can see Jamie Foxx along with his team and a newbie vampire hunter, played by Dave Franco.
  • Snoop Dogg can also be seen in the trailer as the most chill and cool machine gun-wielding vampire hunter.
  • The glimpses of the Vampire culture in the trailer are enough to attract the viewers to must-watch the movie.
  • Here is the link to access the trailer:

After seeing the trailer you can decide whether or not to watch the film. There is a lot to be revealed in the film that will make you fall in love with the narrative. So, do not miss this opportunity to get the most benefit from it!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and keep smiling always:)