Why was Joseph Quinn imprisoned at the airport?

Why was Joseph Quinn imprisoned at the airport? ...

Joseph Quinn, the breakthrough star of the Netflix series Stranger Things, revealed recently that he almost didn't make his talk show debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon because he was held at the airport when attempting to enter the United States.

Eddie Munson should have a place in the next stage. On July 25, Joseph Quinn had his very first interview on a talk show; however, he was very close to missing his chance to appear on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon due to his tardiness.

The actor, who is 29 years old and stars in the Netflix series Stranger Things, disclosed to Jimmy Fallon that he had to take a secondary exam after coming into the United States because he had been held by Immigration.

Joseph began his explanation by saying, I was detained at Immigration. It was more of a dungeon than anything else, which is why you could call it that way. I was placed inside it. And when I was there, I was told to wait for about twenty minutes.

I was questioned by a person who said, What are you doing here, sir? I replied by saying, Well, my main reason I am here is to see Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

What did Joseph Quinn say about his return to Stranger Things?

Joseph said the officer did not believe him at all. And then one of his coworkers glanced at him and said, Leave Eddie alone.' The officer was unaware of Josephs identity.

Hes like, It's Eddie from Stranger Things,' we heard him say. My response was, OK, kind of. He asked me something along the lines of, Are you going to return next season? I replied by saying, Um, I'm not sure.

Then he said something along the lines of, You better, and handed me the passport. To our great surprise, everything Joseph packed, including Jimmy's Hellfire Club T-shirt, was permitted to enter Customs.

Joseph became an overnight sensation as soon as the fourth season of Stranger Things was released. Eddie Munson, the character he plays on the show Stranger Things, has quickly become one of the shows' fan favorites.

Eddie's protection after he was wrongfully accused of assassinating Chrissy and other youngsters in the town was an essential part of the Hawkins' tale.

Eddie made the ultimate sacrifice by killing himself in the last episode of season 4. After they rocked out to Metallicas Master of Puppets to divert the attention of the demo bats, Eddie made up his mind to stay away from the real world with Dustin. He remained in the Upside Down to face the Demo bats, but he died in Dustins arms.

Although the Duffer Brothers have stated that Eddie has died, there are still many fans who believe that Eddie will make a comeback in the fifth and final season. Who hasn't heard of the Kas theory? Stranger Things' fourth season is now available on Netflix.