During a visit to Paris, Jennifer Lopez and Violet Affleck showed off their sweet Bond

During a visit to Paris, Jennifer Lopez and Violet Affleck showed off their sweet Bond ...

Jennifer Lopez and Violet Affleck, the daughter of her new husband Ben Affleck, can be seen sharing a warm embrace and beaming smiles in a recent photograph taken in Paris.

Jennifer Lopez, 53, has only been Ben Affleck's wife for a week, but she is already having wonderful moments with all three of Ben Affleck's children.

Jennifer was seen on camera extending a warm embrace to the actor's oldest daughter, who is 16 years old, during the celebrations of her 53rd birthday this past weekend. The family was in Paris, France at the time. The young lady wore a plaid dress and grinned loudly as she placed her arms around the woman who had just become her father's partner.

Jennifer, best known for her hit Jenny From the Block, celebrated her birthday by having a birthday lunch with her friend Ben in the City of Love. She seemed to have had a great time.

Observers saw them walking along 30 Avenue Montaigne while eating lunch and holding hands with their new husband.

Jennifer, Ben, and Violet were photographed eating lunch at the Crillon Hotel in Paris the following day. The actor who played Mrs. Affleck in Good Will Hunting was seen carrying his arm around the new Mrs. Affleck as they walked out of the restaurant.

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, and Violet Affleck shared some sweet moments in Paris.

Violet wore a white shirt with black hearts over a black jacket, while Jennifer wore a white summer dress with a floral print. Ben wore a navy blue button-down shirt and light blue trousers.

Jennifer and Ben, who were first photographed in a Las Vegas wedding chapel only a week ago, have been seen on numerous other occasions since they returned to Paris for their honeymoon.

Jennifers child Emme, 14, whom she shares with ex-husband Marc Anthony, and Bens other daughter Seraphina, 13, whom he shares with ex-wife Jennifer Garner in addition to sharing custody of Violet, have been caught out with their parents.

Jennifer is also the mother of Max, an Emmes identical twin sister, and Ben is the father of Samuel, a 10-year-old boy.

Jennifer and Ben had a great time on a boat a few days ago.

Photos taken during the event indicated that the couple were having a great time and were content while doing so. It was said to have been so peaceful that Ben even slept off while sitting down for a spell! What an amazing life!