Hailey Bieber wore green lingerie for a Victorias Secret commercial!

Hailey Bieber wore green lingerie for a Victorias Secret commercial! ...

Hailey Bieber Update: From the model to the actor, we have seen almost every celebrity in Hollywood who has dropped their fashion in their way. Whether it is related to simple casual clothes or related to a red carpet appearance, they look stunning in every outfit they choose.

This is also related to the events that have been organized by different fashion shows and brands. For example, Hailey Bieber looked stunning in green lingerie for a Victoria's Secret commercial.

Hailey Bieber is without a doubt one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Always displaying her fitness and her mood through her clothing, she never disappoints her followers. Something like this was seen again as she wore green.

The 25-year-old model has shared a few images on her Instagram in which we can see her posing for Victorias Secret. She was looking stunning in her green and open hair, with minimal makeup. She was wearing nothing but lingerie that was suitable for her.

In the first photo, she was posing and looking straight at the cameras while one hand was on her head. In the second picture, she was giving us a candid look in the sunshine. All photographs were taken at her house. It can be seen through her caption that the shooting took place nowhere else than her favorite place, home.

After these pictures, a large amount of fans remarked and filled the section with their full love. Some called her Angel while others called her Heart of Eyes. Some said she believes no one can surpass her in beauty and fitness.

Sorbet was pictured wearing a black leather jacket and goggles during her recent appearance. Her fuzzy hair was also very enhancing her appearance.

After getting her bikini look, she was also outfitted with many rings and chains. Her makeup was looking very natural on her and she was seen wearing gold bracelets. She was also seen wearing a green dress that was looking very beautiful on her. Calling herself avocado, she went with tied hair and a sparkling purse.