Top 10 Stray Mods, Different Cats, Zurks, and More

Top 10 Stray Mods, Different Cats, Zurks, and More ...

This is a list of the best Stray mods ever made!

Top 10 Best Stray Mods

Stray is already an outstanding game, but any game can become stale after youve played it over and over again. Try using one of these mods if you want to improve your gaming experience in this game! The majority of the mods for this game are cosmetic, so you should not have to worry about the aesthetics.

Although there are a surprising amount of mods for this game considering its age, there arent any mods specifically geared toward the Zurks (the main enemies in the game). Most of the mods available are just targeted toward the nameless tabby cat you play as. However, there are new mods being developed every day for Stray, so a Zurks mod may arrive sooner than you would expect!

The First Person Mod allows you to play as the cat in Stray at a whole new level. As the title implies, the First Person Mod does exactly what it says, changing the in-game camera to a first-person view. It's strongly recommended that you save this one for your next playthrough.

The Garfield mod is one of the most popular Stray mods right now. It does exactly what it says, it allows you to transform your feline into a lasagna-loving cartoon cat! The only thing that could make this mod better is if it added Odie as your sidekick instead of B12.

This mod, like the Garfield one, was also created by Chris Rubino, who seems intent on playing as anything other than the original cat in Stray. This mod is incredibly well-crafted and is almost too sweet for words! This mod allows you to play as an adorable little puppy rather than the central orange tabby cat in this game!

The Glasses mod may not be significant to the game, but the minor changes it does make make all the difference. Outside of mods, your cat's appearance is completely uncustomizable, so its exciting whenever a mod comes out that allows you to outfit your cat as Harry Potter (Hairy Pawter)!

Stray now allows you to play as one of Sailor Moon's three cats: Luna, Artemis, and Diana. This stunning mod is perfect for anime lovers as well as animal lovers.

This mod by Chris Rubino maintains everything in Stray the same, except for one minor detail: your cats' weight. This mod is fast gaining popularity, and for good reason; after all, who wouldn't want to play as a chunky cat if offered the opportunity?

With this mod, players may now play Stray multiplayer with their friends! This mod is still in its early stages, but it does still complete what no other mod has done previously for this game!

The majority of Stray customization mods are reserved for your cat and no other pets. With this mod, however, you may now customize your helpful little robot friend, B12! This mod was created by Piro and allows you to choose from eight different skins for your little robot friend. This mod is still being developed and enhanced, so be sure to keep checking on this one!

This amazing mod allows you to play Stray as Spyro the Dragon in a purple cartoon dragon. No game can ever be perfect without a dragon!

This mod by Chris Rubino is for anyone who has played Stray and wanted to capture some candid photographs of their adorable kitty, but without all that backpack and robot sidekick nonsense getting in the way (not that there is anything wrong with B12), rather it removes the backpack and drone from the game. You just have to remove your inventory and robot friend just to take cute pictures!

There isnt a huge amount of Stray mods available yet, but there is still a lot to choose from considering the games young age. Regardless, any game can always be improved upon with mods, so check out Gamer Journalists' many guides for this game!