How to Get a Bear and Breakfast in 5 Minutes

How to Get a Bear and Breakfast in 5 Minutes ...

The world map for Bear and Breakfast is massive! Walking between two adjacent locations, let alone across the map, becomes tiresome enough. Once youve mastered enough locations, fast travel in Bear and Breakfast becomes an indispensable part of the game.

What is Fast Travel?

Fast travel is a popular feature in most open-world games or games with large world maps. This feature is usually implemented by providing a map with teleportation features. For example, if you were looking at a location on your map in Bear and Breakfast and you wanted to teleport to it, you would just click on the location and then hit Travel. Doing this would immediately teleport you to that location.

How to Fast Travel in Bear and Breakfast

Fast traveling in Bear and Breakfast is a lot easier than you might expect. It can be a bit costly, but fast travel is well worth the effort and effort! Youve probably noticed the run-down bus stops scattered across the map; you may not have realized it, but these bus stops are essential to fast travel in Bear and Breakfast!

Before you can progress further with fast traveling, youll need to have prepared your first rental property and built the kiosk in Timber Crossing, but thats not a big deal. Once the bus stop is repaired, talk to Oliver, the bus driver. Oliver is one of the only humans main characters in the game, and is located just across the street from Timber Crossings' bus stop. You should be able to get free rides to any location that has a bus stop by doing this.

The only problem with fast traveling is that each bus stop location will be as dismantled as the first, and will require a bus stop sign in addition to repairs. In Bear and Breakfast, however, the game's size is larger than most people realize, and it's still worthwhile to repair every bus stop you see!