While filming underwater scenes for Thirteen lives, Colin Farrell suffered panic attacks

While filming underwater scenes for Thirteen lives, Colin Farrell suffered panic attacks ...

Ron Howard's new film on the Tham Luang cave rescue is the most elaborate attempt yet to recreate one of the most dangerous rescue missions in recent memory. The production took great care to recreate the Tham Luang caves where twelve young soccer players and their coach were trapped underwater. It's possible that even celebrities like Colin Farrell were awed by the experience.

Farrell said in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight that it was terrifying. Not that we were swimming, not that we were treading water, but they built a really impressive network of caves, like the Tham Luang caves in Thailand, that were filled with water. We'd go down and there was no up.

Farrell explained that the cave setting in the film meant that the underwater scenes were being shot indoors in the dark. It wasnt the water that worried him as much as the ability to see where it ended.

He noted that being able to look up in water and see the surface has a lot to do with it. When you cant and there's no air at all, it just wreaks havoc on your mind.

Farrell developed panic attacks even with the help of an experienced safety crew and several consultants who worked on the actual rescue.

He said, "We had incredible assistants." We had Rick Stanton there, and Jason Mallinson, two of the five guys who swam the team out, but man, I had panic attacks underwater, it's a new experience for me. A panic attack underwater is a new experience for me.

I mean, at the end of the day, we had amazing safety divers and a team of safety divers, but one of the safety divers said, When I wasn't shooting, how many films have you done, and the safety diver said, About twenty underwater films. I said, what was the most dangerousand you know where this is goingthey went, This one.

Thirteen Lives is now available in select theaters and will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime starting Friday, August 5.