Will Smith said that his friendship with Chris Rocks brother may be irreparable. Tony Rock is busy supporting his brother

Will Smith said that his friendship with Chris Rocks brother may be irreparable. Tony Rock is busy s ...

Will Smith admitted and apologized to Chris Rock in a video he made at the end of this past week. He wants to make things right with the Rocks family members, especially his brother, Tony. Smith seems to believe that their relationship may now be irreparable.

Will Smith made no mistakes when it came to discussing the moment he slapped Chris Rock on stage during this year's Academy Awards. In the video that he posted on Instagram and other social media platforms, the star apologized to Rocks mother and other members of his family.

I want to apologize to the Chris family, specifically Tony Rock. You know, we had a wonderful relationship. You know, Tony Rock was my man, and this is likely to be irreparable.

Tony Rock and Will Smith co-created the series All of Us with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith years ago, and served as an EP. At the time of this writing, Rock has yet to respond to the actors' claims about their irreparable relationship.

This could be partly due to the fact that his younger brother has been hyping up his brother. Chris has been on the comedy grind in the months since the slap, touring at different venues across the United States. Recently, Tony promoted the show (where Chris made a culture-related joke about the King Richard star) on his Instagram stories.

Tony Rock has been a bit more vocal about the Oscars incident, unlike his brother. He admits that the moment eats at him when he watches it, because he is watching a loved one being attacked, and there's nothing [he] can do about it. More recently, Rock invoked Jada Pinkett Smith and Tupac while weighing in on the stars' motives for the slap. Rosalie, the Rocks' mother, also spoke out and criticized the Oscar winner for hitting her

At the moment, no members of the Rock family appear to be willing to meet with Will Smith. So Smith, and the general public, can only wait to see if the damage done to his friendships with Tony and Chris is truly irreparable.