What's Trending On The 31st of July 2022 on Netflix

What's Trending On The 31st of July 2022 on Netflix ...

The Netflix Top 10 lists have certainly been busy in July. A number of well-known original films have since been included, which have given the streaming service a lot of grounding. Even as the month draws to a close, performances like The Sea Beast and Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. 2 (both of which were dropped early in the month) continue to build. And things are certainly coming to an end on an exciting note, as both lists have crowned new No. 1s.

Netflix's Top 10 Movies in the United States - July 31, 2022

Purple Hearts has taken the top spot in the Russo Brothers' latest romance film, which has received mixed reviews for its evil acting skills. Sing 2 and Recurrence are still sitting in the top three, respectively. Meanwhile, the wonderful animated film The Sea Beast is still holding on to fifth place.

Shania Twain: Not Just a Girl, a documentary that chronicles the titular singer's career, is still in the sixth place. The Man from Toronto, which managed to hold its ground yesterday, has been pushed back a spot, placing it in seventh place. CHIPS, a controversial TV program that drew the ire of a celebrity, is still in the top ten.

  • 1. Purple Hearts
  • 2. The Gray Man
  • 3. Sing 2
  • 4. Recurrence
  • 5. The Sea Beast
  • 6. Shania Twain: Not Just a Girl
  • 7. The Man from Toronto
  • 8. 12 Strong
  • 9. Persuasion
  • 10. CHIPS

Netflix's Top 10 TV Shows in the United States - July 31, 2022

The new No. 1 on the TV list is the newly released Netflix original Keep Breathing, which stars Melissa Barrera of Scream 5. Virgin River (and its fateful Season 4 finale) continues to rise in third and fourth place, while Stranger Things and The Most Hated Man on the Internet continue to rise. Uncoupled is a rom-com series with a cast youve probably seen before.

After having the sixth slot on Saturday, Historys Alone has effectively been relegated to eighth place, with Resident Evil holding on to eighth. Ninth is currently in the hands of Street Food USA, which just landed on the trending list the other day.

  • 1. Keep Breathing
  • 2. Virgin River
  • 3. Stranger Things
  • 4. The Most Hated Man on the Internet
  • 5. Uncoupled
  • 6. Car Masters: Rust to Riches
  • 7. Alone
  • 8. Resident Evil
  • 9. Street Food USA
  • 10. All American: Homecoming

The streamer has several other big films and TV shows coming in August, including Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie and the highly anticipated TV adaptation of The Sandman.

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