JLo's First Husband Reveals Whether Her Ben Affleck Marriage Will Last

JLo's First Husband Reveals Whether Her Ben Affleck Marriage Will Last ...

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez married on July 19, nearly 20 years after their first engagement. He's so certain that out of the more than 10,000 ceremonies they've conducted, theirs will be one that will be treasured forever. But what about someone who knows the stars on a deeper level, like JLos first husband, Ojani Noa, who has his own thoughts on the celebrations?

After a rocky relationship, the Hustlers actress and Ojani Noa wed back in 1997. JLo went on to marry her backup dancer, Cris Judd, in 2001, and Marc Anthony in 2004. She has officially become Mrs. Ben Affleck in 2022, according to the Mail.

Jen loves being engaged six times, and Ben is her husband number four. I was husband number one, and she promised me we would be together for the rest of our lives.

Jennifer Lopez, a 48-year-old former waiter who met her after she became famous for her participation in Selena, claimed that their marriage dissolved primarily because to that same fame. (Apparently, he believes his own growing entourage and management back then had a major role in creating division at that time.) In her Halftime documentary, the newlyweds discussed the trials of fame.

JLo seems to have a much better work and family life balance than she ever had in the past. Ben Affleck also noted that he was in a position in his life where he might be a good husband in the long run.

Despite their brief marriage, the first husband maintained to the outlet that calling out Jennifer Lopez's mother for her strict parenting style was really the beginning of the end for them. And Ojani Noa has some words of advice for the former Batman actor, whose Caped Crusader is expected to re-emerge in Aquaman 2.

If Ben has Lupe on his side then he may have a chance.

Ben Affleck may just be approved by Guadalupe Lopez. A source claimed that Affleck was overheard saying some pretty sweet things to what is now his second wife on their post-wedding family vacation, including how unbelievably happy he is that theyre married. Oh, and the mother of the Love Dont Cost A Thing singer was apparently overheard saying some sweet things on the trip. Something about always knowing that Ben was Jens love.

Ben and Jen 2.0 might have a greater chance of marital success than most people. No matter what their exes believe or not, there will be more films to follow in the coming years. However, for the remainder of this year, check out our 2022 film schedule list for information on newlywed actors.