Dylan O'Brien Responds To Lingering Rumors That He Will Appear In The Teen Wolf Revival Film

Dylan O'Brien Responds To Lingering Rumors That He Will Appear In The Teen Wolf Revival Film ...

The entire cast of MTV's Teen Wolf is expected to reunite with the Wolf Pack in the much-anticipated Teen Wolf film. Dylan OBrien, well-known as the adorkable Stiles Stilinski, has been fans since he spoke out about not returning to Paramount+ for the reboot, and he is likely to repeat his beliefs.

After the teaser video for a Teen Wolf movie was released, people were expecting Dylan OBrien to return. However, it was soon discovered that he was not one of the previous cast members who will be returning for the project. In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Tyler Posey denied the speculation that he would see "every character that you'd ever want to see again."

I don't believe there's any truth to that rumors. What I've said is the truth, okay, so I don't know. My Jeep is in it. I loaned them my Jeep for the film. That's the vehicle my character drives in the show, right.

Stiles will not be reunited with his friends in the next film, although it's better to know now rather than to watch it expecting to see him. Teen Wolf would not be the same without Stiles, and although Tyler Posey has gotten fans excited about the Paramount+ revival, there will certainly be some emptiness to it without Stiles.

Dylan OBrien mentioned that he wanted to keep Stiles Jeep from the series, and it appears that he donated the vehicle to the Paramount+ project, so at least he's part of the film in this way. In a recent interview, creator Jeff Davis addressed Stiles' absence from the film and how it would be discussed in the revival. Be assured, Stiles will still be mentioned from time to time.

Is there still a possibility Stiles might reprise his role in the original Teen Wolf film? This film is currently working on a Wolf Pack spin-off, although the other cast has yet to be announced.

Dylan OBrien has since shut down any more suggestions of him being a Teen Wolf actor.

If you like the supernatural drama, this new Teen Wolf film hasn't had a fixed premiere date yet. (So prepare to sign up for a subscription.)