Shakira, a halftime singer who works for The Voice, is now one step closer to going to trial in a tax fraud lawsuit, and she is reluctant to settle her case

Shakira, a halftime singer who works for The Voice, is now one step closer to going to trial in a ta ...

Shakira has been a worldwide singing sensation since 2013. In 2013, and 2014, she coached the iconic Gazelle character on Disney's Zootopia. In addition, she had a two-season coaching stint on NBC's The Voice in the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime program that she starred in. This time, however, the star has been contacted by a major tax fraud lawsuit.

What we know so far, according to Reuters, is that Shakira was accused of failing to pay 14.5 million euros (or $14.7 million) in tax income in Barcelona, Spain. The prosecution claims that she was even living in the country during the suggested years (2012 to 2014) and that she was on the Bahamas and elsewhere. Apparently, the prosecution offered a settlement request to the former Voice coach in order to resolve things amicably outside of a trial, but she rejected the undisclosed amount.

The 45-year-old's legal team said her record in paying taxes is spotless. In terms of the tax fraud allegations and the subsequent settlement offer in the case, it was suggested that the Grammy winner views the whole legal situation as a total violation of her rights. Thats why she would not consider making a deal.

The singer is utterly certain of her innocence and therefore does not accept a settlement.

Shakira claims that she didnt move to Barcelona until 2015. At the time, she was living with the father of her two children, who is now a professional soccer player. During the same time, she was filming The Voice, which takes place at Universal Studios Hollywood, but it will not be clear which side of the story.

The performer has had to deal with this for the first time. According to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, she was named as one of millions of people who had offshore bank accounts in the 2017 leaked Paradise Papers.

Shakira appears to be quite convinced of her side of the story, and she's not the first celeb to find themselves in such a situation. However, USA Networks Todd and Julie Chrisley were found guilty by a jury in June of similar charges, and they're now facing up to 30 years in prison, according to reports.

Though things may be different in Barcelona. The prosecution in the performer's case is reportedly seeking eight years in prison now that she has rejected the settlement. Yet she is clearly willing to fight anything until the end.

Fans of the Hips Dont Lie icon can watch the Halftime documentary on Netflix with a subscription. Likewise, The Voice and other competition shows are expected to have fall premieres in the 2022 television schedule.