The Walker Showrunner admits she has even upset her mom about the Romantic Journey of Jared Padalecki's character

The Walker Showrunner admits she has even upset her mom about the Romantic Journey of Jared Padaleck ...

Before Walker's debut on The CW, we learned that the Jared Padalecki-led series was all about the Texas Ranger mourning his wife's death and his journey to justice. Yet, when it comes to his love life, Cordell seems to be still holding back. Anna Fricke, Walker showrunner, admitted that her mother's love for him is all part of his journey.

I feel bad that I'm always attempting to derail [Walker and Geri], but I'm not. I believe in Walker and Geri, and I feel that they have to earn each other's respect. And I think that, at least as we know him, Walker's origin story is as a widow, a man who is grieving. He will take a while to develop into the person I believe he must become in order to truly let love in.

Fricke might have had to defend the decision to her own mother, but look, I get it. Cordell will need time to fully let love in. The whole series was about this widower who wanted to solve his wife's murder, how he was grieving, and how his whole family was grieving. Even though we did see him date from time to time, having him take some time to figure out what he wants and following that journey will benefit him in the long run.

Anna Fricke teased Cordell's fate and hinted at something from his past that is affecting him throughout his future, although this will be revealed when Season 3 premieres.

Although it's difficult to know how the story will continue to portray Cordell's past, I'm personally hoping we'll see his late wife again. Bringing her back in might help him reminisce and get to a place where he can "let love in." Again, there's a lot to consider when it comes to script! Maybe her mom should give her a little bit of help?