Following accusations of cheating, Kephrii was withdrawn from the $100k CSGO tournament

Following accusations of cheating, Kephrii was withdrawn from the $100k CSGO tournament ...

Gale Adelaide and Brian Kephrii St. Pierre have been accused of teaming in the $100,000 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ReadyUp Invitational tournament. Many players claim that despite being on opposite teams, they fed each other high-point kills to reach the top.

The point system for this tournament is based on individual skill rather than team winning points, so individual players with high scores are the ones competing for the grand prize. The points are divided as follows:

  • Kill one point
  • Assist two points
  • Knife kill five points

A knife kill must be difficult enough to earn five points because players can hear you running up behind them. However, Gale got three knife kills (15 points) on Kephrii, and Kephrii got two knife kills (10 points) on Gale.

Many players were suspicious of this and the other killings.

At least two opposing players have made these accusations, and even his own teammates were suspicious. The two defendants were threatened with being dq'd if they refused to continue playing. I was told an initial decision was made that there were no concerns about teaming.

A few players wanted to withdraw from the game, but this would result in a disqualification, so the game remained.

Kephrii claimed to be innocent of any cheating complaint in a tweet to Jake Lucky, stating that he did not hear [Gale]. He further stated that he hadn't played CSGO in three years, thus his rustiness.

I did not hear him for three years. After that I begged my team to keep me from playing A since he kept going B. This tournament gives 1 point for an Elim, 2 points for an Assist, and 5 points for a Knife. I am a huge anticheat supporter; I sadly am suck.

It is a mystery that two players may have five knife deaths in such a short time. FACEIT conducted an investigation during the match and found Kephrii to be innocent of cheating after checking the alleged evidence.

Kephrii was later ejected from the event due to misunderstandings, despite this ruling.

As a pinata for points, it may seem unfair, but if he isn't cheating, his Counter-Strike skill level is too low to be in the tournament.

Several players I have spoken to remain suspicious of the alleged teaming that took place. At this point, the TO must intervene and clarify exactly what took place.

Despite the investigations, Jake Lucky tweeted that many players he spoke to remain sceptical.