Is there local multiplayer in MultiVersus?

Is there local multiplayer in MultiVersus? ...

With MultiVersus, Warner Brothers has entered the 2D fighting game world, bringing along the most famous (and sometimes obscure) characters from their licensed films, TV shows, and cartoons. Unlike traditional fighting games, MultiVersus relied on two-versus-two combat, complete with characters and abilities that complement each other for team-based gameplay.

MultiVersus' current open beta includes only a handful of modes for players to play in, as well as a limited number of characters and stages. Yet the game has nearly all the tools required to master your favorite character mechanics both on and offline.

Is there local multiplayer in MultiVersus?

Players may create a customized lobby for up to four players on any console, including a PC if they use controllers.

Players should click on the Play button at the bottom of the main screen, and then choose the Custom option from the options at the top. There, they may customize rulesets, and select their preferred characters and stages.

Players will also find that choosing local play will enable them to access all of the games' current roster without having to unlock them. However, this does not include skins or perks for the characters and does not permanently add any character to your account. Each character must be purchased for 2,000 gold to be used in online play.