With a victory against FlyQuest, EG continues their path of destruction in the 2022 LCS Summer Split

With a victory against FlyQuest, EG continues their path of destruction in the 2022 LCS Summer Split ...

Once more, a battle of good against evil took place in the LCS. On the one hand, Evil Geniuses was aiming to win the LCS Championship, while on the other, FlyQuest was aiming to inspire them to the LCS Championship. However, only one could emerge victorious, the other having to recollect themselves in the final weeks of the 2022 Summer Split.

With only two weeks remaining in the Summer Split, the LCS will continue to live evil. EG beat their heroic counterparts in a commanding victory.

What a quick and fun game to close out this #LCS week! GGWP to @FlyQuest! #EGWIN pic.twitter.com/gHINGnFL5y

EG suffered a lot to defeat Immortals, who are currently in ninth place in the LCS, before falling to an inspired on the Elder Dragon to seal a victory for the first-place team. However, fans were concerned about how the team would perform today against FlyQuest, who had recently demonstrated remarkable teamwork.

From the beginning of the game, FlyQuest aimed to exploit the flaw in the reigning champions. An attempt to force a fight in the top jungle reduced the amount of confidence they had built up for themselves, giving FlyQuest the tools they needed to achieve a handful of goals.

Inspired was busy picking offwhoever he could find as Wukong. The former LEC MVP appeared to be in many positions on the map at the same time, forcing FlyQuest to battle their jungle heavily.

A zero-death team fight inspired by a FlyQuests jungle turned around a big jump from Josedeodo for EG and another dominant victory for EG.

Impact made up for his performance yesterday, where he was exposed to several Immortal ganks, by being the EGs' main engage tool and finishing with a nearly 70 percent kill participation. But it was the unkillable Inspired who won the player of the game award and added to his long list of achievements in the LEC and LCS.

EG have clinched a spot in the LCS Championship, aiming to maintain the momentum that began with a dominant run of their competition through the Spring Playoffs and the organizations first League of Legendstrophy. FlyQuest is still in contention for a place in the LCS Championship, though they need to gain more victories in their final five matches.