Weekly Aeos Coins and Energy limits for Pokemon UNITE

Weekly Aeos Coins and Energy limits for Pokemon UNITE ...

Pokemon UNITE has crossed the line between free-to-play and free-to-start, offering players multiple ways to unlock content in the game based on whether or not they want to spend money.

UNITE follows the lead of most other games in having many different in-game currencies that players must earn to upgrade items, unlock Pokemon, and more. Unfortunately, the developers also artificially limited how much of certain currency types players can earn in a microtransaction-laden marketplace.

Thoughtless, this does not affect the harder-to-come-by currency like Aeos, Fashion, and Holowear Tickets. Instead, it impacts the more widely available Aeos Coins and Energy earned while playing the game.

UNITE's most common and heavily used currency is Aeos Coins, which can be earned by completing challenges, battle pass missions, or by participating in any of the game's main modes.

They can also be used to unlock a majority of UNITEs content, such as Unite Licenses that are used to add Pokemon to your usable rotation. However, you are only permitted to earn 2,100 coins per week.

This applies only to Aeos Coins you earn by playing matches, not to the additional coins you can earn by solving challenges or as rewards. Most players are more concerned that UNITE offers a tool to boost coin yield that basically maxes out that weekly limit earlier and can be purchased using microtransactions.

The other severe limit applies to Aeos Energy, which is awarded to a player after every completed match.

Energy is used to roll for items in the Energy Rewards section, with a weekly limit of 1,400 Energy that can be earned. Prior to July 2022, this might have been fine since all of the Energy Rewards were cosmetic. However, stat boosting Emblems are now included in a separate pool, and they can have implications on gameplay.

UNITE has a way to earn more by purchasing consumable items in the shop, as with the Aeos Coins.

TiMi may have to vary the value of each currency that is limited, but for the time being, be sure to be aware of each limit and utilize all your coins and energy wisely once you have them.