Everything we know so far about Dr Disrespects' new DEADROP game

Everything we know so far about Dr Disrespects' new DEADROP game ...

The long-boiling Midnight Society gaming project, previously dubbed Project Moon, has finally been revealed: the ambitious futuristic vertical extraction shooter DEADROP.

In the recent past, esports organizations and game designers have branched out into game development in a bid to be the next big thing for their fandoms. Companies like 100 Thieves have explored the behind-the-scenes world with Project X, while famous YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect is sprinkling his teeth with DEADROP.

The title is a shooter similar to Escape From Tarkov.

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The Doc (who supervised the map design for Advanced Warfare) is bringing something different to the table: height. While Tarkov and other more battle royale-style titles like Apex Legends, PUBG, and Warzone stick to the battlefield at their feet and add some structures, Midnight Society is stepping right into the FPS market with a shooter that will take players from the ground floor up.

Guy Beahm, the guy who wore the Dr Disrespect mask, has great ideas for the game and a great vision, but fans are somewhat more apprehensive right now.

Here's what we know so far about DEADROP.

What is DEADROP?

DEADROP is the first vertical extraction shooter developed by Dr Disrespect. These shooters include games like Tarkov, and typically follow a gameplay pattern similar to battle royales. Players tend to load into the map in search of valuable items rather than other players and AI factions.

After a player or team has discovered the items theyre looking for, they move on to the extraction point. Successfully exiting the map means the player retains all of the loot theyve found while on the map, while dying before that point usually means they lose all of their points made during the game.

What DEADROP's developers think will set it apart is its vertical portion.

When you consider the play on drop in the games title, as well as the games logo, a skull with a downwards arrow, this becomes even clearer.

Gameplay & lore details

The DEADROP maps will trade the vast spaces that take place on only one or two vertical planes with massive structures, and players will have to climb up and down these structures rather than traversing open plains and through dense forests.

The rules for these buildings are dubbed Refiner States, and the players will be tasked with collecting Space Dust, a medicine created from refined pollutants collected from the stratosphere. There will be several factions players will either play as or battle against, including the Skins, Syns, and Cleaners.

In a blog post, the studio stated that DEADROP's ultimate gameplay objective is to create arena shooter level designs that mimic the scale and scope of battle royale player counts, while also capturing the intense pleasure of extraction shooter sessions.

It's safe to say that whatever DEADROP will end up being.

What platforms will DEADROP be on?

At a closed-off event in Los Angeles in late July, DEADROP was available to play on PC. That suggests Dr Disrespect and Midnight Society are aiming to break into the computer market with their title.

Release dates for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 may come later. DEADROP has every chance to remain a PC exclusive.

DEADROP release date

DEADROP has yet to announce an official release date for Dr Disrespect and Midnight Society. Gamers may have a long wait before the game ships.

At the earliest, Dot Esports expects a beta at the end of 2023.

Does DEADROP include NFTs?

For the time being, DEADROP does include NFTs.

While the game is still in its initial testing stage, it has already sold a set of Founders Passes. These Founders Passes allowed players to play early versions of the game and come with an NFT character that serves as a Founder members character in DEADROP. These characters have VisorCortexes, which are the minted and procedurally-generated portion of these characters that will be unique to each person who purchases a Founders Pass.

Variants are dubbed as Midnight Society members as time progresses, and the NFT portion of these access passes is created using environmentally friendly NFT technology.

Dr Disrespect has defended their inclusion: You do not need to have NFTs to play. It does not affect your experience. The game will continue to be free to play.

Dr Disrespects' ambitious and vertical shooter entry is well-known for the time being. We'll update you as development continues throughout 2022 and beyond.

More DEADROP news will be posted on Dot Esports.