After an early display, DEADROP isn't quite up to the polish of Modern Warfare 2

After an early display, DEADROP isn't quite up to the polish of Modern Warfare 2 ...

JGOD, a Call of Duty YouTuber, has moved to dispel the growing hype over Dr Disrespect and Midnight Society's first game, DEADROP, by claiming it's nowhere near as polished as Modern Warfare 2. Most people were impressed by how it appeared, felt, and played, hence the comparisons to MW2.

However, JGOD believes it's absurd to expect it to reach that level anytime soon.

On July 31, a Call of Duty YouTuber mentioned the DEADROP game from Dr Disrespect and his company. [The] game is nowhere near the level of polish weve seen in MW2.

JGOD wasn't chastising it. He said the game was a step ahead of its time, which is a major achievement for Dr Disrespect and his lab as well as everyone else.

The YouTube sensation just thinks it's ridiculous that people are comparing the polish levels between them and making fanciful statements when the MW2s release is just around the corner, while DEADROP is clearly far, far from ready.

It's also a stretch to compare a game that will be released in months to one that will last years.

On July 29, Dr Disrespect unveiled the game for the first time, confirming that it is not a vertical extraction game that was previously marketed as Escape from Barkov, but with a different setting.

It is set in a different future where structures have been constructed to convert airborne pollution into a medicine called Space Dust. Two factions fought to control them.

The Docs game is progressing smoothly, and given that he has a team of experienced veterans in the industry, it's not all that surprising. However, JGOD's remarks serve as a timely reminder that DEADROP is still in the early stages of development, no matter how impressive the vertical shooter is.