COVID-19 has been detected in DWGs ShowMaker and Kellin

COVID-19 has been detected in DWGs ShowMaker and Kellin ...

The South Korean League of Legends team said today in a social media statement that DWG KIA's mid-laner ShowMaker and support Kellin have tested positive for COVID-19.

The upcoming games and schedules will be changed, according to DWG. DWG KIA will focus on the players' health and recovery.

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Teams with infected players are prohibited from participating offline in Seoul's LoL Park arena, according to updated LCK guidelines. Instead, they are permitted to compete online from a quarantine facility.

Teams will have to either replace their players with substitutes or forfeit their matches if they dont want to play their games online while players recover. At this time, it's still unclear how the DWG will respond to the situation.

Support Kellin might be replaced by an official substitute Bible, but the academy's 17-year-old mid laner Pullbae would have to step up to fill the shoes of ShowMaker, which will be no small feat.

The next series in the 2022 LCK Summer Split is scheduled for Wednesday, August 3 at 3am CT against Liiv SANDBOX. DWG are currently third in the standings with a good 9-5 record.