How to Get 99 OVR Minnie Minoso in MLB The Show 22

How to Get 99 OVR Minnie Minoso in MLB The Show 22 ...

To get 99 OVR Minnie Minoso in MLB The Show 22, you must complete the Minni Minoso Hall of Fame Program found in Diamond Dynasty mode. The program has several rewards to earn on the way to unlocking Minnie Minoso and includes Moments, Missions, and Exchanges.

Minnie Minoso is worth 50 stars, which can be earned by repeating all Moments and parallel XP missions or exchanging players. Here is how to get enough stars to get Minnie Minoso.

How to Earn Stars in the Minnie Minoso Program

Follow the Minnie Minoso program Moments and complete all eight. This should be fairly straightforward with his extremely high contact ratings. Completing all moments will earn you 32 Stars.

To get additional Stars, you can earn parallel XP, get 40 hits, and 20 extra base hits with White Sox players, granting you a total of 18 Stars. If some of the challenges are too tough, you can exchange White Sox or AL Central players to earn 6 Stars.

Minoso is an incredible player to have in your lineup. He can play LF, 3B, CF, or RF and has some of the best intangibles in the game. His vision, discipline, and clutch ratings are all over 100, and he has excellent running, fielding, and hitting stats.