In Digimon Survive, can you skip dialogue?

In Digimon Survive, can you skip dialogue? ...

Digimon Survive is without a doubt a visual novel, even if the gameplay does include a tactical grid gameplay. This means that you'll need to read a lot of stuff. Every time you click on a new item in a chapter, a wall of text is provided. And unlike most visual novels, there is no skip button in the cutscene.

In Digimon Survive, how do you make rapid progress in the dialogue?

The good thing about having a keyboard is that it's possible to move quickly forward dialogue. On any console controller, it should be the correct directional button. On a keyboard, it should be whatever key you have assigned to the right directional button, such as D.

In the settings menu, you must change the skip setting to Unread to skip unread texts.

Fast forward is particularly useful when you are skipping dialogue you have already seen. This includes unskippable cutscenes prior to the final battle in the chapter, as well as dialogues you should re-read after a poor decision.

By the way, you may also allow the game to autoplay dialogue by pressing the left directional button, allowing you to multitask. It's also possible for the dialogue texts to appear faster by changing the speed in the menu options. If you think you missed something during the conversation, you can even press Y or the square button to open the log.

There's a lot that Digimon Survive doesn't really teach you, such as digivolving non-partner Digimons, where to change the game difficulty, and what karma points are for. A survivors instinct must be to utilize every available information.