What influence do Digimon Survive's narrative decisions have on it?

What influence do Digimon Survive's narrative decisions have on it? ...

Digimon Survive is a visually novel through and through, although the gameplay does include a tactical grid gameplay. There's a lot of reading and, more importantly, decision-making at every turn. We're here to demonstrate how choices make a difference less than you think!

Digimon Survive provides you with three different types of dialogue:

  • Those that can raise affinity.
  • Those that can raise a particular karma.
  • The false flags that dont do anything other than push the plot forward.

When you hover your cursor over the options, you will notice that it's an opportunity to increase affinity (or is a false flag).

The left one will glow red when hovered on (for moral), the middle will glow red (for wrath), and the right one will glow green (for harmony).

In Digimon Survive, how many different endings are there?

From chapter eight onwards, Digimon Survive is broken up into three sections, so be cautious about any decisions that affect your karma. There is no good nor bad ending among them. Returning to the game will give you the chance to see the true conclusion.

Karma also impacts your party's digivolution lines, so you may want to observe what Digimon your partners end up as and partially use it to decide what karma or route to pursue. The easier it will be for you to invite certain Digimon attributes over in Digimon Survive All Invitation Answers.