Arsenal Codes | Roblox (August 2022) Free Skins & Announcer Voices!

Arsenal Codes | Roblox (August 2022) Free Skins & Announcer Voices! ...

As with many other Roblox FPS experiences, Arsenal, also referred to as Roblox's Call of Duty, offers a large library of weapons, melee weapons, skins, and taunts for players to use and cause havoc.With skins, players can completely alter the appearance of their avatar in the Arsenal experience and play as a variety of characters, some more realistic and some more fantasy. On top of that, players may add and use unique taunts to interact with teammates, enemies,

Pro Game Guides has all you need to know about the most up-to-date Arsenal codes! From currency bonuses to voice enhancements, these codes are interchanged and updated as often as possible.

Why not check out some of our picks for the finest Arsenal skins, best Arsenal taunts, and best Arsenal melee weapons? Or, if you're interested in some other, more standard Arsenal guide content, check out our article on How to Get the Froggy Skin in Arsenal!

All Arsenal Codes List

Updated: July 31, 2022

Expiring codes have been removed.

All of the working Arsenal codes are shown here.

  • ERedeem for a Calling Card
  • goodnightRedeem to Teleport to Snowy Bridge

All of these Arsenal codes are no longer valid.

  • FLAMINGORedeem for rewards
  • ROLVERedeem code for Fanboy Skin
  • xonaeRedeem for a Xonae Announcer Voice
  • JOHNRedeem for John Announcer Voice
  • KITTENRedeem for Koneko Announcer Voice
  • CBROXRedeem for Phoenix Skin
  • EPRIKARedeem for Eprika Announcer Voice
  • Enter your Roblox ID BackwardsRedeem to be teleported to Snowy Bridge
  • BanditesRedeem for Bandites Announcer Voice
  • PETRedeem for PetrifyTV Announcer Voice
  • ANNARedeem for Anna Skin
  • F00LISHRedeem for Jackeryz Skin (The '00' in this code is two zeroes)
  • POKERedeem for Poke Skin
  • POGRedeem for 1,200 Bucks
  • BLOXYRedeem for Free Money requiredbycontract tcartnocybderiuqer
  • GARCELLORedeem for a garcello skin, garcello kill effect and a emote
  • THE BANANA MANRedeem for free rewards
  • 10keni
  • wake upRedeem to Teleport to Snowy Bridge
  • BRUTERedeem for a reward
  • xonaeday21
  • hammertimeRedeem for Ban Hammer Skin
  • trollingRedeem for Tomfoolery Delinquent skin
  • NEVERBROKENRedeem for Beatable Calling Card
  • CRACKEDGave a Calling Card
  • dhmubruhRedeem for Grind Set Calling Card
  • the 2021 spooky codeRedeem for Herobrine Delinquent
  • 3BILLYRedeem for Holoend Kill Effect
  • NEWMILORedeem for Delinquent skin with the Milo unusual
  • NEWMILO (WOMAN)Redeem for Rabblerouser skin with the Milo unusual
  • MILORedeem for a Delinquent skin
  • unusualbiasRedeem code for Suspicious Stranger Skin
  • CharityACT5k
  • CastlersUnusual100kRedeem code for an Ace Pilot Skin
  • TheBloxiesRedeem for Bloxy Delinquent Skin, Bloxy Award Melee, & Bloxy Kill Effect

Arsenal FAQ

Here's a list of all the information we need to know about Arsenal and Arsenal codes!

How to Redeem Codes in Arsenal

Once you open up the game, look for the Twitter icon at the bottom left. Click that button and you will see the following pop-up:

Click on the 'Enter your code here' button above the screen that says 'Enter your code here.' Once you've got it, you'll just need to click the Redeem button to get the reward!

The best way to stay up-to-date on Arsenal codes is by checking back with this article regularly, following the ROLVeTwitter account, and joining the ArsenalDiscord server. The ROLVe Twitter account exists to cover the whole of Arsenal, the development studio behind Arsenal, so you may see a bit of extra information, including tweets about Counter Blox or Unit: Classified, but Arsenal-specific codes will be posted wherever!

Some Arsenal codes have a very short lifespan and may be unable to stop working very quickly, while others may be extended over a lifetime. Make sure all letters are highlighted when copying.

If that wasn't the case, the code might have already expired. To ensure you receive new codes as soon as possible, bookmark this page.

What is Arsenal?

Arsenal is often referred to as Roblox's alternative Call of Duty game. Run around a variety of maps, defeat enemies, and ultimately complete objectives and rack up as many kills as possible.

In our Roblox Game Codes post, you'll find a slew of free stuff!