Clue for The Foot Crossword Part

Clue for The Foot Crossword Part ...

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The answer to the Part of the foot crossword clue is presented below. These solutions will assist you in solving your crossword puzzle. Clues aren't as straightforward as they may appear, as many have different answers, so always double-check the letter count to see if it matches your grid space.

Part Of The Foot Crossword Answer

The answer to the Part of the foot crossword clue is this:

  • ARCH (4 letters)

The clue and answer to this question was last seen by the NYT Mini on August 1, 2022. It may also be seen across other crossword publications, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and others.

Part of the foot Crossword Clue FAQ

An arch is a part of the foot that must have an arch-like form, as the name suggests. It must be medically treated if it is fractured or too high.

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