Brad Pitt Purchases a $40 Million House in secret: Photos of the Historic Property

Brad Pitt Purchases a $40 Million House in secret: Photos of the Historic Property ...

Brad Pitt has just added a new property to his growing collection of stunning homes that will make any HGTV fan enthralled. The historic home was never listed for sale, but Pitt paid $40 million for it. The owner, who purchased the property in 1999, died in early 2022. The Pitts team successfully obtained a private purchase agreement for the property in Carmel Highlands, Calif., a five-hour drive north of Los Angeles.

According to industry insiders, it's the most expensive house purchase ever in the area, which might be worth it for the unobstructed view of the ocean. In 2004, Pitt told Oprah Winfrey that fixing and decorating houses is a joy for him. He believes architecture is a wonderful art that lifts your spirit and drives your thoughts.

Photos of Pitts New Property Are Rare

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The house Pitt just purchased is a historic property known as the D.L. James House or Seaward, named for its first owner and designed by famed architect Charles Sumner Greene in 1918. It's unsurprising that the house took four years to construct back in the early 1900s.

Greene used locally sourced sandstone and granite to construct the unique house, according to the Robb Report, which tracks world-class people's purchases. The purpose was to give the house a Mediterranean flair, with arched windows and an earth-toned roof.

Interior photographs of the D.L. James house from the last 25 years are rare; there is a collection of older exterior photographs available via Great Buildings in recent years; a handful of photographers and tourists have posted photographs of the Pitts new residence to social media in recent years.

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Pitt loves acquiring and renovating unique houses.

When Pitt appeared on the very first episode of Celebrity IOU in 2020, he showed off his long-time makeup artist, Jean Black, who loves to incorporate creative architecture and meaningful touches.

On the program, he said, "If Im not building, Im dying." He's happy to use a sledgehammer to smash the garage walls with the Property Brothers.

Pitt has purchased and renovated many properties over the years. Architectural Digest has collected information on each property Pitt has purchased since 1994, when he purchased a $1.7 million mansion in Los Feliz, Calif., over several years, he purchased four properties around it to expand the grounds. According to Dirt, it now has a 6,692-square-foot Craftsman main house, a private tennis pavilion, and a skate park for his children.

The couple renovated a French Normandy Revival-style house constructed in 1934. Among the upgrades were heated marble floors, a wood flooring bar from a 200-year-old French chateau, and a brand-new screening area.

Brad also worked with the architecture company GRAFT to renovate a sleek, modern pad in Los Angeles, according to Elle Decoration. When it came to the furnishing, the principal architect Lars Kruckerberg said Brad handled it.

Brad is well-known for his extensive collection of modern art. He may build a museum, according to him.