Elden Ring mod adds sword clashes and Sekiro deflections to combat

Elden Ring mod adds sword clashes and Sekiro deflections to combat ...

A new Elden Ring mod completes melee combat in the RPG game, incorporating a wide array of new systems that include deflections, sword clashing, step dodges, and dangerous attacks that are inspired by both Sekiro and Bloodborne. The mod also includes several tweaks to major Elden Ring bosses designed to enhance their performance.

AntiSteak's Sword Mastery total combat overhaul mod is a feat of moderatorry, with a total kit of tweaks and new systems. Many of the games melee weapons have seen their movesets dramatically altered, with a range of new attacks and combos. Some moves will allow you to initiate a combo branch, which can lead to follow through attacks, guard frames, parry frames, or delayed attacks.

AntiSteak describes the deflect system as a much more dramatic transformation from an initial prototype which adopted Sekiros deflects into the open-world game. Upon deflecting successive attacks, you gain a period of enhanced stamina regeneration. This allows players to avoid trivializing encounters as they cannot simply knock away a series of very heavy attacks in quick succession.

When two opposing forces swing at the same time, weapons can be deflected. From quick-recovering but short-lasting deflects with light weapons to long, fancy deflects with huge guard frame windows

The new system incorporates a mixture of the Sekiro forward step, Bloodborne side-to-side dashes, and the familiar quickstep found in Elden Ring and Dark Souls III. Despite their small size, bosses have been equipped with real dangerous assaults that cannot be deflected, and they deal 40% more raw damage than usual on hit.

There are also unique infusions, each of which can alter your weapons playstyle in different ways, such as keen infusions, which allow for the use of a Iaijutsu quick-draw deflect; quality infusions, which allow for unique blocking abilities, and bleed infusions, which cause you to lose health while attacking but offer a lifesaving bonus while under a certain life threshold.

Because the majority of the main bosses have been overhauled, you'll need every advantage you can get. Some have been made faster and more aggressive AntiSteak notes that this is not about making them harder, but rather better allowing them to use the new combat systems.

After the revamps, the mod recommends a rough order to go about big boss battles based on the anticipated difficulty. In addition, dynamic boss cameras have been implemented for several of the bosses that the mod focuses on. These aim to increase player visibility during the fights while also adding a cinematic flair to the encounters.

If this high-precision mod seems too complex for you, another Elden Ring mod adds DnD style classes with their own unique set of powerful abilities. The fantasy game community is also on the lookout for a new home for Elden Ring PvP, so please consider chiming in.