Even non-nPCs are leaving Red Dead Online due to a Red Dead Redemption 2 bug

Even non-nPCs are leaving Red Dead Online due to a Red Dead Redemption 2 bug ...

A Red Dead Redemption 2 bug that engulfs the world of NPCs and animals seems to be affecting players on PC, serving as an ideal metaphor for the status of Red Dead Online, which was recently abandoned by Rockstar so the studio may focus its efforts on GTA 6.

Players have reported the problem on several Red Dead Online PC servers, including screenshots of abandoned streets in Saint Denis and empty horse stables at Emerald Ranch. Animal spawns have even been detected, leaving the whole world bare, except for lone, confused players who are attempting to recreate the once vibrant sandbox shooter.

It's very strange. I'm looking into the bleak, unremarkable future of Red Dead Redemption 2, where the only visible life will be the ageing and obstinate players who refuse to give up the game and make the world a place to dwell. It's like Tumbleweed, that tiny homestead in New Austin that once occupied the main road. However, by the first Red Dead Redemption, it's been transformed into a ghost town.

One player reports that a wagon going by itself without a driver was left in the street. That was kind of spooky. August 1 secret update, jokes another player. Weve removed NPCs to focus more on GTA 6. Welcome to Red DEAD Redemption, writes a third fan. Prepare to survive.

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The issue appears to provide an adequate picture of the game's current state. As Rockstar moves onto full-time development of GTA 6, which is expected to be set in Vice City and launched around 2024, this appears to be the end for Red Dead Online.

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