2022's best video capture cards

2022's best video capture cards ...

If you want to make content creation a career path, or just make an effort to produce a truly groundbreaking video that millions of people will love, then you need to choose the correct one. Weve listed the best video capture cards so you can get an idea of what the market has to offer.

What are the best video capture cards?

Below, we have sorted the best video capture cards by category. Theyre not listed in any particular order, so please go through them all and see which aspect is most important to you. Then, you should be able to make an educated decision when it comes to purchasing a capture card for your own use.

If portability is important to you, then this is the card for you. It's not the most straightforward thing to do in the world. If you want to use headphones on a PlayStation console, for example, youll need to connect a headset to your computer to stream footage. That's quite an advantage, though.

Elgato has dominated the market for quality, but it can't compete on price. The AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 is less expensive than the Elgato equivalent and captures up to 4K gameplay superbly. The advantage of this particular capture card is that it's also portable, allowing you to connect it to your desk or just leave it running while you're playing on the couch and store all of the footage you've made.

The Elgato 4K60 Pro is the finest internal capture card on the market. It does everything you need to do, including recording footage, streaming it, and adding audio and cameras, all of which are included. It also requires storage space on your PC, so do some research before buying one.

The HD60 X is a groundbreaking external capture card that recognizes video and audio from HDMI, allowing you to record everything while streaming or playing using your standard setup. All of which can be recorded at 4K quality, providing your device can output video at that quality.

The MiraBox USB 3.0 is a great value for money, but dont expect it to have the same level of sophistication as the other models on this list. The software and installation are all things youll need to master right away. The MiraBox USB 3.0 is also a great way to get some experience with streaming and set up without the pressure of spending a lot of money.