In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, how do you recruit Alexandria as a hero?

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, how do you recruit Alexandria as a hero? ...

Commander Alexandria is an Agnus hero that may be recruited as soon as chapter three of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. She has a powerful Attacker ability and a long list of quests tied to unlocking her. In this article, we will explain how to find and recruit Alexandria as a hero in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, where are you going to find Alexandria?

Once you have completed chapter three and completed the chapter four introduction sequence, you may begin your quest for Alexandria. Her recommended hero quest level is 40, which is quite higher than any other quests until this point in the game.

The Dies Arch landmark in the Fornis region is located in the northwest of this region. A short cutscene will play out once you reach the question mark on the map. After it plays, you will be granted a hero quest named Her Reasons.

After this quest has begun, you may continue down the path until you discover Colony Iota or begin hunting down her various party members in the open world.

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, how do you get Alexandria as a hero?

After you learn of Colony Iota and Alexandria's retreat further into the valley, you'll have two choices: go ahead and fight your way into the Colony with brute force, or hunt down the party members in this quest, which is a challenging quest with high-level opponents.

Sequoia and Fili are the best bets for survival.

This Attacker party member is a long-range sniper capable of fast causing damage to your Attackers and Healers. Look for them near the Great Cotte Falls in the Pentelas Region.

This is a tough Defender character who can withstand severe punishment. Getting them out early will make the real battle later a much easier one. Look for them near a ridge in the Fornis area.

After defeating these two targets, you may return to the Dies Arch site where you encountered Alexandria, to begin with. Follow the valley west and keep going while fighting through numerous Agnus forces until you reach Colony Iota.

Alexandria and what remains of her group will be visible near the Ferronis at the back of the base when all enemy forces are defeated. Bring Valdi along as a hero for the next two boss fights.

Alexandria will only have two other party members to deal with in this fight. Start the encounter by focusing on Chelle, the only Healer her group has. Once Chelle is defeated, eliminating the rest of the group is straightforward.

After your victory, a member of the Consul will appear, and before long, you will have to face another Moebius form. Moebius E is a tough fight but easily countered if you know what to look for. During the battle, Moebius E will use various hand-to-hand attacks, a single target missile barrage, and a massive fiery blast.

If you see Moebius preparing to jump in the air, avoid the quick move ability, as it will destroy your party in one shot.

Moebius E will continue to use this maneuver as his health improves. Keep a reasonable distance between your teammates, and victory will come soon. Follow Alexandria as she leads you around her base, and the final cutscene will begin.

Alexandria is a fantastic Attacker class hero capable of performing many critical hits quickly. Once Taion is recruited into your group, she will reward her with the Incursor class.