In Digimon Survive, how do you get Guardromon?

In Digimon Survive, how do you get Guardromon? ...

Guardromon is useful for its ability to deflect a lot of hits without falling in combat. However, Destruction Grenade adds a nice bit of range and some decent earth damage. Not only does Guardromon have a large health pool, but it also has the unique advantage of having no elemental weaknesses whatsoever, making it both extremely tough and versatile.

How to befriend Guardromon

The first place we saw a Guardromon during Part 6 of the story was in the Second Island Area. Your aim during this negotiation is to answer a set of questions from Guardromon in a way that makes them understand you.

QuestionBest Answer
How do clouds in the sky look to you?I wanna ride one!
Id like to avoid a pointless battle, if possibleAnd yet fight we must.
If your friend was off causing trouble, how would you deal with it?With my fists!
Is wanting quiet time to yourself such a crime?Yeah, shame on you!
Looking at innocent monsters really puts your heart at ease, doesnt it?Not for me, nope.
Sometimes you should act on emotion instead of logic, dont you think?Efficiency is key.
What would you do if someone told you an idea you believed in was incorrect?Get annoyed!

Once you have answered all of the questions correctly, you can choose between asking for items or meeting Guardromon. While the latter option comes with a high probability of failure, there's a good possibility that attempting to negotiate later in the story will result in better odds.