Beginner's battle guides for Digimon Survive

Beginner's battle guides for Digimon Survive ...

Digimon Survive is a turn-based, RPG-style game in which players and opponents take turns to act. The battle can be challenging to master, especially if you are a newcomer, but we will provide some basic advice and tricks to aid you through your Digimon adventure.

The Basics of Battles in Digimon Survive

Each Digimon has their own turn to make moves and attack. At the start of every turn, your Digimon has six options to choose from: Move, Attack, Item, Evolution, Talk, and End Turn. Your Digimon may potentially complete all six options in one turn, comparable to Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem.

Tips and tricks in Battling

You should always have at least one heavy hitter and one healer at the start of every battle. This will keep the healers from getting KOd.

As some Digimon have specific weaknesses and strengths, be sure to check out your own. For example, plant-based and insect-based Digimon are generally weak against fire attacks, so Digimon that can breathe fire like Agumon can cause significant damage.

The most essential tip for novices is always to keep your team together. Never have your party split too far away from each other in a fight. Some Digimon team up to help an enemy deal more damage. Always strike an enemy from the back or the sides as that will cause more damage.

Use the Talk option when you're ready to go all out against the boss, as stat boosts are only temporary. Wait to Digievolve when you're about to attack the boss, as Digievolutions sap your SP quickly.