The Top 10 Indie Horror Games to Play

The Top 10 Indie Horror Games to Play ...

Large game studios often create horror games for people who want their gaming experience filled with terror. Regardless of whether you are being chased down by unstoppable creatures or are hesitantly stepping through a quiet environment, there is something for everyone.

It can be difficult to find a place to start, especially if you dont have the time to play all of the game's options. Here are some of the best independent horror games to try.

1.Doki Doki Literature Club

This game appears to be quite straightforward: you play as a player who is engaged with your school's literature club. The games real horror only sets in when you begin to feel the most at ease.

It isn't your typical horror movie, but if you stick to it, you will get a tale that will enthrall you by giving you unexpected plot twists. The game is available for free, and it wont take long to complete the game.

2.Five Nights at Freddys

Five Nights at Freddys involves you as an employee working in a pizzeria, where your job is to ensure that none of the animatronic mascots enters your security room. A security camera must monitor the mascots to ensure that you arent spending energy putting up barriers when nothing will happen.

When streamers played the game and showed their reactions to their audience, it was well-known for its jump scares and popularity. However, the main series of games is still worth playing for the scares that arise when you least expect them.

3.Little Nightmares

As you take control of Six, a young girl who is exploring a vast underwater structure called The Maw, you will encounter a large number of enemies along the way, with running away being your only option.

As you try to survive every enemy encounter, the visual design, and the need for stealth contribute to the horror. The enemy designs can last long after you have finished the game.

4.The Forest

The Forest is a survival horror game where you crash landing on an island stuffed with cannibals and mutants. You must survive while attempting to discover what happened to your son.

As you progress throughout the island, the AI becomes more skilled, adapting to your habits, and ambushing you with surprise attacks that you previously werent aware of. However, you are still attempting to stay afloat and avoid confrontation as much as you can.

5.Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear is a game that follows an artist as he prepares to complete his magnum opus, their finest work of art. Sadly, their environment is changing, forcing them to solve puzzles in order to complete their art.

The enemies will not chase you, but that doesnt imply there will be no scary environments or jump scares in your path. Your journey through your own house will be long, and you will be more awed by the latest environmental change than a monster creeping behind you.

6.The Medium

The Medium is another psychological horror game, although it does have monsters that pose a threat. Marianne is a spirit medium who wants to know the truth about her powers. Her investigation takes a dangerous turn as she must solve puzzles and confront enemies who want her dead.

The Medium will certainly enthuse you about your interactions with spirits long after you put the game down. It's not survival horror though, and you won't need to worry about any major battles.


SOMA puts you in the shoes of Simon, a guy who discovers himself in an underwater laboratory after supposedly undergoing treatment. He must learn what happened to him, work with friends to survive, and discover a way out of the underwater laboratory with his life intact.

You must flee when you encounter enemies that cannot be defeated, although they have various methods of following you down. The thrill (or fear) of the hunt will leave your heart racing, and your ears listening for warning signs of an enemy nearby.

8.Poppy Playtime

As you investigate the mystery of what is happening, you usually think of pleasant childhood memories and enjoyable toys. However, during Poppy Playtime, you're confronted with an unusual situation where big toys are threatening to devour you.

The setting is nothing short of a great experience, as you have to flee for your life as you navigate through the factory. It's dimly lit, you die in a few hits, and surprises emerge out of nowhere.


Put yourself in the shoes of amateur paranormal investigators, utilizing equipment to discover what is causing you harm in a cat-and-mouse chase where you must find evidence before the entity catches up.

You can play alone or in a group with up to four people. Your objectives will often put you in the path of the entity you're investigating, and attempting not to die while collecting information is a real thrill. Unless youre caught, but it's part of the horror experience.


Outlast requires you to visit a psychiatric hospital to discover more about the events that transpired. Unfortunately, many people in the hospital want you dead, and you were not prepared for a fight.

It's gory, its harrowing, and there will be terrifying surprises at every turn. Playing the game will be a scary experience, though one that will intrigue anyone who enjoys a good horror video game.

This horror list does not cover all of the indie games, but you should at least get the jump start to explore the wonderful world of indie horror. Any game on this list will give you motivation to continue exploring indie horror.