Nicole campaigns (day 26) in Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers

Nicole campaigns (day 26) in Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers ...

The Big Brother 24house today has had a lot of fun, and one of the most important things is to Nicole.

After the Ameerah blindside, she decided to go up on the block and fight her bestie only for it to go wrong.

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Nicole did her best to run for the Household Monte seat, recommending that she vote out Brittany if he did not nominate Brittany and Michael. He then listed off some of the votes that Nicole would have on the block versus Taylor, which she would not have any trouble doing.

At this point, it feels like she is already aware that she is likely to go on the block, and she and Daniel will have to work towards securing some votes. Thats going to be tough given that the Leftovers alliance is already figuring out how to target Daniel next, and also the people they want to select in the jury. However, they want to be cautious about it as they get closer to the jury phase of the game.

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